Lawyer Donald Kipkorir’s ‘endorsement’ of Raila reeks of tribalism


Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. Photo: Courtesy.

Billionaire lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir has through his Facebook account endorsed Raila and ODM keyboard spinsters seem to have gotten carried away by the “good news.” Kipkorir is arguably the most showy lawyer in town. He lives by the mantra that money is no object. So his ‘public endorsement’ of Raila may mean something.

Given Kipkorir’s kingly public countenance, what he says—even if it’s of ignorable import—has to attract attention. Famous writer Mary Shelley has said, “once king, it was impossible to sink to a private station.” That is why King Kipkorir’s mere Facebook post becomes a subject of public discourse. If some lowly Joe Public had put a similar post verbatim, no one—not even myself—would have had time to read it, much less write about it.

Yet it is not Kipkorir’s public stature and social standing that itches one to weigh into this debate. No, it is how acerbically (one might say) he concludes his supposed endorsement statement.

“It is for this test I place my faith in Baba. He said he will go one term. He says, like Joshua, he will take us over to Canaan and leave. Let’s give him a chance. Then at least the leadership of Kenya would have temporarily moved out of Kikuyu-Kalenjin before we resume in 2022! If Baba fails to deliver when President, then we will resume our Kikuyu-Kalenjin Alliance in 2022 ad infinitum. And we will not return it,” he opines.

The words in that statement are poison-laden. The attitude with which they are written too tribal for a lawyer who assumably fancies himself a liberal mind. He says that Raila should be given a chance to be president out of sheer magnanimity of the outfit he calls the “Kikuyu-Kalenjin Alliance,” but he does not stop there. He goes on to give a condition that Raila presidency—if ever — becomes a strictly one term affair, and then he leaves! That is only understandable because Raila himself has said so. But there is no law that limits Raila presidency to just a term.

He further says that if Raila becomes president, the seat shall only have temporarily moved out of “Kikuyu-Kalenjin” as if Kenyan presidency is a preserve of those two communities. One wonders why the highly esteemed lawyer assumes that the other 40 plus tribes don’t count when he concludes that if Raila fails to deliver, his “Kalenjin-Kikuyu Alliance” will resume power ad infinitum.

The crux of Kipkorir’s argument serves only to let the ugly cat out of the bag, which renders as unintended and pretentious the good history and analogy in the rest of his post.

It is such belief by a section of Kenyans that other tribes cannot produce presidents that makes the rest of the nation bitter and feeling disenfranchised. The spirit of democratic multipartism is such that anyone with the requisite constitutional qualification can lead—irrespective of how small or marginalized their ethnic communities are.



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