Nasa, Odm ought to respond to Duale, ilk headlong


Raila Odinga and Aden Duale. Photo: Courtesy.

The political swelter in the country tells, for an umpteenth time, how enigmatic Raila Odinga is.

Any honest observer will attest to the fact that the name and personage of Raila Odinga is the fulcrum around which Kenyan politics revolve. His easy charm, awe and, one might say, “near-divine” personality inspires public debate, lending fodder to the juiciness of political discourse.

Raila is not any ordinary politicos. He might have been when he plunged into elective politics as a novice sometime in 1990s. But over the years, he has honed his skills, and bettered his game to become The Master of Progressive politics this side of Sahara. As far as his political maverick is concerned, he is a man in his own class. His maneuvers are simply top of the line. Even President Uhuru—who is his only near equal in terms of popularity—does not come close to attracting the attention, command and support Raila does.

That’s why it is detestable to see political peons as uninspiring as Aden Duale besmirch his name. That is not to imply that Raila is infallible and, or immune to making occasional verbal goofs. To err is human. And Raila is only human.

The allegation by Jubilee that Raila’s speech in Kajiado bordered on hate speech is everything but accurate. The import of it was simply to warn the poor, mostly nomadic community of the Masaai against the snares of the bourgeois and the danger of accepting their quicksand moneys in exchange of their—only—land. Land, especially communal land, is the only property that most indigenous poor of this country. If you take that from them because you have the money, you successfully decimate them to complete abjectness and extinction. That is what Raila seemed to admonish them against.

It’s not shocking though that such a solemn advice has been misconstrued and is now being fed to the Jubilee rumour mill in a completely twisted form. A government that has failed—like a drowning man—must find something, even a meatless blade, to clutch on. Thinking as they do that such useless whisper campaigns against Raila will woo and awe the electorate.

The place of a servant in the King’s court is to be faithfully duty-bound to serve and protect the King. Nothing more, nothing short. When you think of Raila as the next President of Kenya (which he is definitely going to be), you realize that his inner circle political “servants” are none other than the ODM and NASA affiliated legislators. The reason every president the world over needs a compact majority in parliament is so that he does not respond to every utterance aimed at him.

The scion of Jaramogi is a presidential material and above. Everything around him ought to be quintessentially presidential. He cannot be saying things and explaining himself to people who choose to misunderstand him. He has a lot of thinking to do for the development of the nation that he should not be left to suffer such. Those on his side of the divide, especially in ODM, should and must ever be alert to take headlong the Duales of this country.

Most important, those with whom Jubilee work in cahoots should be made to fear sabotaging Raila’s messaging for their own political expediency as they are wont to. In an electioneering period like this one, guarding against ruinous propaganda is as important as winning voters to your side.


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